Purchase of an administrative building, additional manufacturing floor and land for expansion

As of 1 April 2013, Die Tech has become a full-fledged owner of an administrative building / production premises and additional land for expansion, which was previously owned by KOPEX S.A. Additional 3700 square meters [1 m2 = 10.764 ft2] of the production floor space shall enable the development of the production profile and ensure further employment opportunities in the upcoming future.

The administrative building is an attractive venue for future office rental for outside clients.

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We are a Polish company with American corporate experience, offering comprehensive stamping services. Providing the latest manufacturing and process technologies and paying special attention to EHS issues, we can flexibly react to the demands of the international markets in order to chieve leadership in cost-effectiveness and quality performance.


A recognized leader for being a good business partner, who establishes new technology trends in the stamping industry, and provides the highest services for our customers.


Quality Policy available upon prior request


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