Die Tech’s primary activity is the production of metal stampings using mechanical presses as well as the production of stamping tools starting from the design construction phase, through prototype development phase in an effort to reach the large, medium, and low scale production. Supporting activities include various welding processes ,along with surface finishing, in cooperation with local sub-vendors in the area of catophoretic painting (KTL), powder coating, galvanization and conditioning.

The products manufactured with the use of progressive and traditional presses include brackets, airbag casings, structural elements, windshield wipers, casings for SD/HD satellite decoders, elements of car seat structures, suspension systems, and steering systems. The production is carried directly from belts 16 mm up to 930 mm width (maximum width 1000 mm) and 0.4-8 mm thickness [1 mm = 0.0394 in].

Die Tech’s welding and fusion welding department is equipped with spot welders and seam welders, and are equipped with an automatic nut feed system. The company also has automated welding cells, which consist of of Fanuc and Kuka automatic welding robots for welding entire metal parts for the needs of the automotive industry.

The company has vast experience in designing and constructing progressive, traditional and transferring tools. We are involved in the production process from the moment of technical assistance in the development of the design until the final stage of the pressing validation in the presence of our Customer. The construction department employs highly specialized CAD and CAM constructors working with CATIA v5.0 R20, AutoCAD LT 2014 and NX 8.5 software.

Additional elements in the production of stamping products are gauges that we also design and manufacture. They are designed for verifying the correctness of manufactured components. Gauges are made based on specific guidelines provided by the Customer for a given product group. In our company, we also carry a periodical recertification of gauges and all the other measuring and testing tools.

We are a high volume modern automotive supplier of stamped parts and assembles to the highest standards.

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